The Iterate Labs Software Platform is a central knowledge-base which runs analyses potential risks among workers users, and provides actionable insights for your operations. The Software Platform automates the safety assessment process which has historically been expensively performed painstakingly by hand across the industry.

Reduce Injuries Save Money

Each injury Iterate Labs prevents, helps you avoid up to $100,000 in direct and indirect costs. Not only does injury reduction save money, but improves productivity, reduce turnover, and makes happier employees.

Deeply Understand Worker Safety Across Your Entire Workforce

Find an endless sea of numbers unintuitive? So do we. Our goal isn’t just to recreate prior safety evaluations, but to make them easier to understand as well. Although we also provide data in the same format as traditional evaluations, data visualizations are front-and-center in our web platform.

Increase Your Productivity

The Iterate Labs Software Platform is an integral part of your productivity improvement plan. Identify new opportunities for positive change when you gain access to data hiding in your workplace. From detecting downtime, to automating breaks and rotations, to quantifying process inefficiencies, you are sure to benefit from our insights.


Health and worker data is sensitive, and we work hard to ensure nobody sees that data without your permission. Your data will never be accessible to anybody but you, and our Software Platform is backed by industry leading services that ensure your data is secure.