Dr. Jason Guss presenting at IPPE 2020

In his presentation on “Smart Wearables and Big Data to Prevent Injuries in Food Processing,” Dr. Jason Guss, CEO of Iterate Labs, stated that work-related, musculoskeletal injuries to the upper extremities cost U.S. industrial companies $15 billion every year. He noted that the future of ergonomics is to have continuous monitoring to predict injuries before they occur. Guss mentioned that with current safety methods, musculoskeletal injuries have decreased, especially in the upper extremities and the backs of workers. This reduction in injuries is a result of sensors that monitor the external and internal environment, continually collecting data.

Link: https://www.ippexpo.org/media/docs/2020-IPPE-ErgonomicsPoultryInd.pdf

Thank you to Matt Spencer for inviting Dr. Guss to present about Iterate Labs and our IoT platform for workforce management, industrial operations, and safety in the Poultry Industry session at IPPE. The poultry industry has taken amazing steps to improve the health and safety of their workforce!