The Iterate Labs Smart Glove is a smart wearable which provides insights into likely indicators of strain or repetitive motion injuries. Using an array of sensors, the Smart Glove is capable of measuring hand and wrist position, angle, grip strength, and much more. We combine the same metrics used by tried-and-tested safety evaluations and some of our own to provide the best (and most accurate) possible assessment. The glove is designed with a workday in mind, and is built to be durable, comfortable, and sanitary.


Our glove is equipped with a wide range of sensors that we use to capture nuances in grip, position, and posture. But we designed with a no-fuss approach in mind; it’s as simple as slipping the glove on your hand and turning it on.

Seamlessly Integrated

Effortlessly connect with the Iterate Labs software platform. Data recorded by the glove will be automatically uploaded and analyzed by our secure service. No hassle, no worries, just results.


The Iterate Labs glove was designed with comfort in mind; our goal from the start was to create a glove that could be worn for a full workday. It won’t get in the way of your work. Safety shouldn’t be awkward or uncomfortable.