Transform Human Motion into Data-driven Insights for Improving Productivity, Turnover, and Safety

At Iterate Labs we provide a platform that digitizes human motion into precise data; analyzes it with our AI engine; provides actionable, data-driven insights in easy-to-read dashboards; and empowers supervisors and managers to monitor, engage, and manage their workforces at scale, in real-time. The result is improved productivity, retention, and safety.

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The Iterate Labs Smartwatch wearable sensors digitize and measure employees’ biomotion and location data across nine axes, identify excessive variation from ergonomic standards, and provide real-time haptic feedback in a personalized manner.

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The Iterate Labs visualization platform then brings to life the insights from the AI biomotion engine in the form of what people are doing, where they are, and how well they are performing via workforce analytics, dashboards, and text/email alerts.

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