The Iterate Labs Delta 1 is a smart wearable which provides insights into likely indicators of strain or repetitive motion injuries. Using an array of sensors, the Delta 1 is capable of measuring hand and wrist position, angle, up to 10x per second. We combine the same metrics used by tried-and-tested safety evaluations and our own proprietary algorithms to provide the best (and most accurate) possible assessment.


Our wearable is equipped with a wide range of sensors that we use to capture every detail position, posture, and motion. Data is automatically uploaded and analyzed by our secure service. Iterate Labs AI and Machine Learning algorithms automatically detect the types of motions and tasks.  No long observations needed. Just results.

Seamlessly Integrated

We designed the Delta 1 with a no-fuss approach in mind; it works with most gloves that your workers are already wearing.

Real-Time Insights

For workers, receive immediate feedback when unsafe motions are made. For managers, understand your workforce profile and how to customize and prevent each workers injury risk.


Each Delta 1 collects personalized data and feedback to customize their training and safety needs.


Understanding how a worker is performing a task when first hired is key. Let us train them to optimize both safety and productivity when working.

Entire Workday = Continuous Change

Don’t miss a second of important data! Our goal from the start was to create a wearable that could be used for a full workday and won’t get in the way of your work. Safety doesn’t need to be awkward or uncomfortable.