Near Real-Time Insights to Improve Workforce Productivity, Turnover, and Safety


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Operations Dashboard


Virtually impossible before, the Delta-1 and Iterate Labs dashboard analyzes individual productivity:

  • Compare worker cycle times and output versus budgeted

  • Analyze worker motion data versus standard work

  • Optimize standard work by removing unnecessary motion

Repetitive Motion Analysis


Safe repetitive motion is determined by proper posture, position, and acceleration:  

  • Identify workers who are moving unsafely

  • Identify at-risk jobs and tasks; find workers who work safely in those roles

  • SMS (for supervisors) and haptic feedback (for workers) eliminate and reduce unsafe motions

Training Dashboard


Use digital twin to optimize and streamline training:

  • Monitor training process

  • Give feedback to workers that need it

  • Virtual safety coach provides tips and real-time feedback on motion to trainees



Monitor, enforce, and manage worker engagement:

  • Gamification

  • Virtual engagement coach

The Iterate Labs Dashboard provides near real-time insights for
operations leadership, supervisors, and front-line workers.

Each Delta-1 wirelessly syncs to Iterate Labs servers and the data is automatically analyzed by proprietary
AI and Machine Learning algorithms to provide you the data and recommendations you need to improve productivity, safety, & training.

Interacting with Iterate Labs Dashboard

  Operations Leaders Manufacturing Supervisors Front-line Workers
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