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Maximize Productivity, Safety, & Training With our Industrial Smartwatch

Iterate Labs’ mission is to harmonize the interaction between people and the processes in which they work through digitized human motion.

At Iterate Labs, we have developed the first AI-powered IOT platform that digitizes human motion into precise, actionable, data-driven insights and enables business leaders to MONITORENGAGE, and MANAGE their workforces at scale, in real-time.

Powered by wearables and computer vision, Iterate Labs digitizes worker action and location in real-time, and builds localized AI models to deliver insights to you for PRODUCTIVITY, TRAINING, and SAFETY.

Iterate Labs provides value to industrial and service organizations by MAXIMIZING the OUTPUT, AVAILABILITY, and QUALITY of your workforce.

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We use worker motion and location to understand your operations in and out. We then develop localized AI to extract unique insights to improve operational performance.

Industrials and service companies use Iterate Labs to:

  1. Measure Labor Standards

  2. Refine Standard Work

  3. Reduce process imbalances and interruptions

  4. Increase overall operational efficiency

  5. Improve output per worker

  6. Improve workforce availability

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We use individual worker motion to understand training like never before.

Industrials and service companies use Iterate Labs to:

  1. Improve workforce turnover, absenteeism, and availability through enhanced training

  2. Reduce training costs

  3. Train more workers simultaneously

  4. Train workers how to operate safely from day zero

  5. Ensure trainees meet quality and labor standards 

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We use worker motion and location to who is at risk, when at risk, and why. We then develop localized AI to extract unique insights to reduce safety exposures.

Industrials and service companies use Iterate Labs to:

  1. Eliminate ergonomic risk in a personalized manner

  2. Reduce worker time in high risk work zones

  3. Detect and receive alerts for slips, trips, falls, and other hazards

  4. Improve turnover, absenteeism, and availability by ensuring the physical needs of your workforce

  5. Reduce time to respond to hazards and injuries

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Food processors have a large and diverse workforce they need to manage effectively. Inefficient processes, lack of information to manage workers, insufficient staffing, high turnover, and high injury rates are common issues that Iterate Labs is helping this industry with.


Manufacturers across automotive, aerospace, metal, chemical, and equipment each have unique environments and workforces to manage and maximize productivity. Iterate Labs is helping manufacturers affect the two core areas that impact their bottom line: 1) how much quality product they can output; 2) how much resources it takes to produce


A strong workforce is the most important asset for any company in service industry. Top management must give careful attention to training, job design, performance management, and other components that affect the quality of their workforces. Iterate Labs is helping companies boost their employees to thrive.

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