Reduce Workforce Injuries, Turnover and, Absenteeism

Iterate Labs uses worker motion and location to who is at risk, when at risk, and why.

Iterate Labs reduces the incidence and severity of workplace injuries:


  • Predict and pre-empt musculoskeletal injuries
  • Attend to physical needs in a personalized manner
  • Minimize ergonomic risk and alerts for errant motions

25% Decrease in Musculoskeletal Injuries

10.8% Decrease in Safety-related Turnover and Absenteeism 

Prevent Ergonomic Injuries


Improvement in musculoskeletal injuries decrease using proactive, personalized, real-time safety analytics

10%-25% decrease in musculoskeletal injuries by turning every worker’s biomotion signature into proactive, personalized, real-time safety insights

Monitor High Risk Zones 


Improvement in hazard exposures costs Decreases using real-time alerts and monitoring

8%-17% decreases in hazard exposures costs using real-time alerts and monitoring for slips, trips, falls, and other errant biomotions

Lower Turnover and Absenteeism


Improvement in safety-related turnover and absenteeism using data-driven proactive engagement and management insights

5%-15% decrease in safety-related turnover and absenteeism when every worker is proactively managed with a personalized, up-to-date safety profile

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